June 2019

Widcombe’s 13th Art Trail – will take place on 22nd & 23rd of June. The successful formula of large central venues with more open studios in the artists’ own (lovely!) houses continues, where you will find some familiar faces and their latest work, along with several artists new to the Trail. For anyone unfamiliar with Widcombe’s Art Trail this is a great place to start: there is a huge variety to buy and hanker after – not the amateur paintings you might expect, but hats, pottery, jewellery and lots more.
Just along Widcombe Parade, the popular coffee shop Flamingo will again be taking part. The perfect spot for refreshments, conveniently situated at the midpoint of the Trail. And if you drop in to the Ring’O’Bells you will find more art and funky craftwork as well as something extra for the children!cropped-watheader.jpg

Wherever you visit you will have a warm welcome. As well as enjoying the wide range of work on offer, and the opportunity to discuss the techniques and inspiration with the artists themselves, we know you will also enjoy using the weekend as an opportunity to explore and appreciate Widcombe – a very special part of Bath, where the city meets the countryside, full of history and lovely views, yet only just over the river from the station and Southgate. Pedestrian access from the city is over the footbridge behind Bath Spa station.
Nearest car parks are Southgate, Avon Street and Cricket Ground: Widcombe has some unrestricted street parking on Sundays. Please note that private houses may be unsuitable for wheelchairs and disabled visitors.

The Widcombe Art Trail part is sponsored by the Widcombe Association, Bath’s largest and most active residents’ association.

For more information concerning this year’s Widcombe Art Trail please contact Caroline Davies.

Click here to download the Widcombe Art Trail 2018 brochure.

BOSWidcombe Art Trail is a member of Bath Open Studios, a collaborative group representing the Open Studios and Art Trails In Bath. While each trail has its own individual style all share a relaxed and friendly welcome. They take place in different areas of Bath and allow visitors to walk between venues, most of which are the artists’ own homes or studios.

Many thanks to the our main sponsor, the Bath offices of  Knight Frank, nash-partnership-logoand thanks also to the Bath offices of Nash Partnership.



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