Find Us

St Matthew’s Church, Widcombe Hill BA2 6AA R

Teas and light lunches in aid of St Matthew’s Fabric Fund

B. 1 Hatfield Buildings, BA2 6AL

C. 28 The Tyning, BA2 6AL R

D. 48 Tyning End, BA2 6AW R

E. Bewdley House, Bewdley Rd, BA2 4NL

F. White Hart Inn, BA2 6AA

G. Widcombe Baptists, Pulteney Rd, BA2 4JR W

H. Flamingo, 7 Widcombe Parade, BA2 4JT

I. Mùs Coffee House, BA2 4LD

J. 30 Alexandra Road Rd BA2 4PW

K. 7 St Mark’s Road, BA2 4PA R

L. St James’s Railway Viaduct

M. Action on Hearing Loss Units 1&2, Wells Road BA2 3AP

Some Parking, Disabled Access, Music (Sat) D (Sun)

D Demonstration W Workshop R Refreshments

For information concerning the trail contact Caroline Davies.

How to find Widcombe

Bath Parking info

The nearest large car parks are at Southgate, Avon Street, and the Cricket Ground. Widcombe has various on-street parking possibilities and a small car park behind the Baptists’, accessed off Rossiter Road. Parking is not restricted on Sundays. There is unrestricted parking on Perrymead and on Widcombe Hill above Tyning End.

As many venues are private houses, they may involve uneven surfaces, staircases and steps and may be unsuitable for wheelchair and disabled visitors.