Artists 2021

Max Aiken

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

NEW ARTIST: Max has been painting for many years. He has always preferred oils to other media, but uses water colour and pastel when the mood takes him.
When he travels he comes home inspired by the quality of the landscapes he has seen. The gap between realism and abstraction is where he seeks to interpret the scene/composition. He has recently introduced graphite to his work.

Catherine Beale

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Catherine specialises in family watercolour portraits to commission. She was chosen for the Holburne Portrait Prize Exhibition, The Artist Editor Award at London’s Mall Galleries and is a Member of the Society of Women Artists. Her Bath Watercolour Workshops help other painters to loosen up their painting style through the joys of her own “gravity painting” techniques.
07891 409490

Bridget Baker

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Bridget Baker makes small animals from galvanized wire, which are then coloured with enamel paints. Any vertebrate animal can be tackled – fish, frogs, reptiles, birds or mammals, although most popular are farm and domestic animals, and people’s individual pets. The enjoyment of their creation comes from making them as realistic as possible and capturing their characters with the minimum of lines.

Pat Betts

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Chrch

NEW ARTIST: Mainly watercolour and mixed- media paintings, often using resist techniques to create textures. Landscapes and coastal scenes are a frequent subject based on journeys and sailing. My handmade cards often use recycled materials. The printed cards are from paintings, collages and printed techniques.

Suya ChengShuya Cheng

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Born and brought up in Taiwan, I now live in Bath, UK. A self-taught artist having begun my journey working in the fashion industry, I spent time as a graphic designer before experimenting with abstract form in a variety of mediums.

I divide my time in my studio between using my sewing machine to explore patterns, shapes and structures found in the world around us through freehand machine embroidery and creating abstract paintings, primarily in acrylic but utilising a wide range of techniques and multi-media.

Ruth Davies

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Ruth Davies paints with acrylics and sometimes uses collage. She retired as a professor of management at Warwick University 12 years ago and has since studied art. She has taken several courses in Worthing and at Bath College and has shown her work in 44AD, in Bath.

Richard Ford

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church
Urban and rural landscape photographer. Looking to expand to other forms including portraiture.

Polly Gough

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

NEW ARTIST: I am an artist printmaker specialising in collagraphs and inspired by my love of animals, myths and stories. Underpinning my work is a passion for experimentation and colour which finds expression in this versatile and exciting medium.
The prints are all individually inked then pulled by hand, using a traditional etching press and produced in very small limited editions.

NHyman1Nicola Hyman

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

NEW ARTIST: I make jewellery and collages using recycled and found materials: corks, seeds, metal, paper and fabric. Guitar strings, take away coffee cups and egg boxes are examples of items used. I source from nature and and also reinvent designs from broken, vintage pieces.

LHoldenW2Liz Holden White

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Lockdown brought the opportunity to pay more attention to seasonal changes. I have enjoyed painting through the year – finding tranquility in long winter evenings, the freshness of spring, the brightness of summer and the golden glow of autumn! The natural world is my inspiration- flowers, landscapes, waterfalls. I have lots of new paintings and cards to exhibit!

01225 425873

Lorelei Hunt

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

Mosaic is an intensive process where each individual piece is cut and placed by hand. I use a wide range of manufactured and found materials – unglazed ceramic, glass, china tile and found objects – to bring pattern, texture and colour to the work. I make mosaics for indoors or outside. I’ve been making mosaics for over 10 years and am a professional member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic.

David LawrenceDavid Lawrence

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

NEW ARTIST: My work is rooted in the English Idiom: in its landscape, customs, traditions and eccentricities. This is a place of history and mystery and my work often references past legends and myths – both real and imagined.


Kerrie McNeilKerrie McNeil

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Kerrie uses a variety of techniques including directly painting on to an open mesh silk screen to create atmospheric landscapes inspired by Cornish coastlines and the local environment.


Carlos Ordonez

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

NEW ARTIST: Carlos’ work includes landscapes, tree studies, townscapes and theatrical performance. He has published a number of books in collaboration with poets, as well as four anthologies of photographs by Bath-based photographers. He is a founder member of PhotoBath, PhotoStroud and the Gloucestershire Printmakers Cooperative.


Linda O’Gorman

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

My work is drawing based and narrative, inspired by landscape and coastal views on my travels , and by architecture in my home city of Bath. I like to experiment with media and styles of working including monoprints and collage.

01225 837914

Jessica Palmer

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

Jessica Palmer is an internationally renowned artist and illustrator whose work spans collage, paper sculpture, paper cutting, digital drawing and painting. Her clients include Disney Pixar, Burberry, English Heritage and Skira Rizzoli. On display will be a selection of her latest collages with a focus on nature and the environment, as well as her range of published colouring books for all ages.

APollock2Agnes Pollock

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Agnes paints contemplative and contemporary stillife paintings, mostly of ceramics and fruit. She is inspired by light and stillness and her work is quiet and serene. She is known for her Kintsugi bowl paintings. A Japanese art which highlights the beauty of imperfection, by filling cracks with gold.


Sue Porter

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

My passion is architecture. The buildings and landmarks around us inspire my pictures. My ink drawings create the structure with an accent on the character of the architecture. I combine this with overlapping blocks of translucent colour inspired by graphics used in 1950’s posters. I introduce colour where appropriate to create a light hearted design. Limited Edition prints and cards.

Alison Potter

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

I am a ceramic artist making mainly figurative pieces, some of which also serve as vases.They are brightly coloured with slips and glazes and are meant to amuse. I am happy to do commissions of particular people.

Emma Rose

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

NEW ARTIST: Emma is a contemporary artist specialising in semi-abstract and impressionistic painting with an emphasis on colour and texture

She has developed an original style melding Indian and French inks with acrylic paints, producing vibrant and arresting work.

She creates in The Art Studio at Knights Barn in Wellow – open to the public by appointment. All welcome.

Carol Symon

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

My artwork involves many and often mixed, mediums and I explore extremely different subjects from serious to fun. Painting commissions of people, places, houses and animals are especially satisfying as they are so individual and personal.

07715 055143

Caspar Taylor

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Caspar’s recent sculpture combines his understanding of traditional materials and techniques, space and form with a contemporary spirit.

Whilst utilising the accidental, chaotic and the discarded his work, also, refers to the mathematical, engineered and organic.

Madeleine Town

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

My imagery tends to evolve spontaneously. Figures in landscape, birds and other animals populate the largely imagined environment.
I work in pastels and oil and more recently in acrylic.
Framed and unframed work will be available alongside printed and original cards.
Examples of my work can be found on instagram: Madeleine Town @painttown_


Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Vitrific is a small co-operative of artists working in vitreous enamel from a workshop in Lyncombe, Bath.  
The enamelled art we produce includes painted, drawn, stencilled and formed, wall panels and pictures.  We also use these enamelling techniques for our range of jewellery and small decorative bowls.
Vitrific offers you something unique, colourful and hand crafted.

Rachel Ward

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of creativity. I write, take photographs, paint and draw. With painting, I mostly do figurative oils or watercolours and enjoy landscapes, portraits and pet portraits.



Tim Williamson

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

NEW ARTIST: Being an amateur artist frees me to paint in any style I want – it seems to be mostly post-impressionism. I enjoy painting pictures of Widcombe and my themes have been “lockdown” and the interface between buildings and nature (mainly trees).

Caroline Williams

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company
I mainly paint in acrylic but like to experiment with other media, including watercolour, charcoal and collage. I am inspired by the countryside and villages in my local area and much of my work tends to focus on scenes I have photographed on walks – footpaths and interesting buildings. I am keen on archaeology and looking at the changes man has made to the land.

Vicky YeatesVikki Yeates

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

I am inspired by the British countryside and paint animals (particularly the hare) surrounded by tangling plants, weaving intricate patterns. I am intrigued by the change of season and the effect the sun and moon have on creatures and their environment. I often write poetry within the illustration, using an automatic writing approach, so that nothing is overly planned and the results are surprising.