Artists 2020

Catherine Beale

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

An award-winning painter, Catherine specialises in sensitive portraits created to commission in watercolours and oils. She exhibits widely including at London’s Mall Galleries as an Associate Member of the Society of Women Artists. Her Bath Watercolour Workshops help other painters to loosen up their painting style through the joys of her own “gravity painting” techniques.

WORKSHOP: Catherine will be offering demonstrations of her “gravity painted” watercolour techniques from her stand during the weekend.
07891 409490

Bridget Baker

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

My early training was as a zoologist but I only started making wire animals after retirement.  They are made from garden and household wire and then painted with enamel paints.  I make all vertebrate animals – fish, amphibia, reptiles, birds and mammals, based on photos.  Dogs, cats etc measure about 10cm tall.   I am very happy to make people’s pets if they email me appropriate  photos.

Sarah Ball

Exhibiting at Priory Coach House, 52a Lyncombe Hill

NEW ARTIST: Handling a sketchbook, collecting objects, earth and materials whilst walking freely in both the countryside and the coastpath gives me inspiration to approach my work in an experimental way. I prefer a mixed media approach or a pure watercolour method. Whilst back in the studio I prefer the painting to develop slowly, often working on a series at a time.

David Birks

Exhibiting at 4 Alton Place

NEW ARTIST: David is a fine artist printmaker who works from a home studio in Widcombe. He works mainly as a printmaker creating single edition prints based on sketches and drawings. David will be showing a selection of monoprints, monotypes and drawings.

Cath Bloomfield

Exhibitng at Rosemount Farm

NEW ARTIST: I make collagraph prints inspired by the landscape, plants and life drawings. The prints are made using textured materials glued onto mount board.Wall papers , tile adhesive.The plate is inked up in several colours and put through the press with thick damp paper. 01225 760095

Geoffrey Breeze

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church
NEW ARTIST: I don’t take photographs; images compel me to capture them. Beauty, comedy and tragedy are revealed through the enquiring lens. No filter exists between my soul and the images here displayed. I travel light and I shoot from the hip using an iPhone.

Millie Chandler

Exhibiting at Ring’O’Bells

NEW ARTIST: I’m Millie, mum to three boys George, Archie and Stanley. I set up Little Acorn Makes in 2017 after spending time making items for Stanley and absolutely loving it and the individual look it gave him. He now lives in my clothing daily. I love experimenting with the fabrics we have in stock and mixing them together to make something a bit different.

Shuya Cheng

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

The patterns and textures of both the natural and man-made world inspire Shuya Cheng’s delicate freehand machine embroideries, which are elegantly suspended in shadowboxes. These physical phenomena become absorbing abstract studies – with each piece of work consisting of thousands of tiny stitches interlinked to capture the form and essence of structures that are often overlooked by the every day observer.

Janet Coles

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

Janet has been painting for many years in Bath and Cornwall, having completed an Art and Design Diploma in 2000, and studied fine art for a further 10 years. Janet uses acrylic inks in a similar fashion to watercolour, producing vibrant paintings. Many of her images are then printed onto a range of cards and homeware: Cotton tea towels, fine china mugs, melamine place mats and coasters and cushions which she makes herself. She regularly exhibits her paintings around Bath and in Cornwall. A selection of her cards can be purchased The Galleries at Freshford.

Paintings can be purchased at The Waterside Gallery in St Mawes Cornwall Janet also accepts commissions.

Hetty Coles

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

NEW ARTIST: Hetty has been hand crafting unique solid silver jewellery for 15 years. She currently lives in Australia but uses her silver smithing equipment in Bath when she visits home! She sells directly:

A selection of her jewellery is available on

Aga Cook

Exhibiting at 1 Hatfield Buildings

Jewellery by Aga Cook. Individually designed, handmade pieces that use silver, occasionally gold, precious and semiprecious stones. By experimenting with the oxidisation of silver a range of colours are created, making each item of jewellery unique.

Caroline Crossland

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

Handprinted linocuts and monoprints inspired by the flowers on my allotment. Also hand-stitched pictures made from a precious haul of inherited vintage fabrics.

WORKSHOP: Make your own monoprint to take home!    

Marie Curtis

Exhibiting at Flamingo, Widcombe Parade

Design Vaults creates contemporary jewellery that combines traditional and modern silversmithing techniques with a love of colour through vibrant resin and gold, silver or copper leaf.

Each piece is made with attention to design, creativity and detail and takes between 10 to 20 days to make using sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil or rose gold.


Instagram: designvaults
Facebook: designvaults

Richard Ford

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church
Urban & Rural Landscape Photographer

Julie Green

Exhibiting at Ring’O’Bells
NEW ARTIST: I enjoy working with colourful fabric and bright thread to create truly original pieces for interior decoration and gifting. I love finding new ways of working with fabric and then looking for unique applications. Amongst other things I make material pictures, metallic thread bowls, summery strings of fairy lights and contemporary appliquéd tableware.

Liz Holden White

Exhibiting at 48 Tyning End BA2 6AW

There is great beauty to be found in the every day: strong and subtle colours of fleeting seasons, ever changing skyscapes, the kitchen shelf, the humble flower bed! I paint with a combination of water based media. I make cheerful coasters and hand painted cards, plus a variety of limited edition cards from my paintings. Extraordinary from the ordinary!

01225 425873

Adrienne Horswill

Exhibiting at Ring’O’Bells

Sculptor, curator Adrienne Horswill BA Hons, is currently working with textiles and shapes in the form of hats and headpieces.

01225 315626/ mobile 07538925036

Instagram: adrienne_horswill

Lorelei Hunt

Exhibiting at Priory Coach House

I’ve been making mosaics, made in contemporary and classical styles, using a wide range of materials for about 10 years. I am inspired by things I see around me in the natural and built environment and by found objects.

Sally Jefferies

Exhibiting at 20a Horseshoe Walk

NEW ARTIST: I enjoy painting a variety of subjects from seascapes and still life to imagined landscapes and abstracts. My work is often experimental, trying out different techniques such as painting directly onto glass or using moulding gels for texture. My paintings are usually very colourful!

David Lawrence

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church
My work is rooted in the English Idiom: in its landscape, customs, traditions and eccentricities. This is a place of history and mystery and my work often references past legends and myths – both real and imagined.

Sarah Lewis

I studied Art and Textiles at Bath Spa University, and was drawn to the craftier side of textile printing. I will mainly be exhibiting hand-blocked silk or wool scarves, but I have also been enjoying using paste resist to add pattern – these scarves are mainly on wool, and bold.
Commissions are welcome.

Mary Liddell

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church
This year I will be focusing on showing works on paper, watercolours and hand-printed etchings, my subject matter is based on observation and inspired the natural world, still lives and landscapes and street scenes, portrayed in  hand-coloured etchings, watercolour and oil paintings, with a focus on light and colour.

Kerrie McNeil

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

Kerrie’s screen prints are hand painted and each one is unique. She will also be exhibiting new work using drypoint and monoprint techniques. Inspiration is taken from the local landscape and coast. There will be a range of handmade cards and ear rings.


Annabel Menheneott

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Dramatic seascapes captured in acrylics, reflecting the shifting coastal environment, with crashing waves represented in bold, strong and purposeful brush strokes and more delicate marks for foaming sea spray. Palette knives and large brushes allow Annabel the freedom to create exciting painterly marks. Annabel has exhibited nationally and more recently at the Royal Academy as part of the Summer Exhibition preview events where she will return this July.

Alex Nash

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

Alex has been attending the Printmaking Workshop at Trowbridge College for 10 years. Over that time she has concentrated on exploring colour and composition using the silkscreen process. Her work has covered the landscapes of Cornwall, North Wales, California, Egypt, Ithaca and the architecture of Portmeirion Umbria and Whitstable. Some of her work is purely abstract using bold flat colour as seen in her prints of Indian scarves.



Linda O’Gorman

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

I work in various media, and enjoy experimenting with drawing techniques. My subject matter is mainly drawn from travels to France and Italy, and response to nature and the environment.

01225 837914

Jessica Palmer

Exhibiting at 7 St Mark’s Road

A Paper Maze for a forest of imagination, a Paper Palace in a world-famous landmark, an illustration for a bestseller, a papercut to promote a Disney Pixar movie or a moment in your life? Talk to Jessica Palmer.
Her fifth book is published by New York-based Rizzoli. She’s illustrator for English Heritage, a Visiting Artist at the Holburne and many more.

Usha Pearce

Exhibiting at 28 The Tyning

Process and experimentation with oil paint and other media are critical in the way I work. Although abstract, there is an underlying visual order that emerges in response to a theme. I build, obliterate, erase, paint over and scratch into the surface, leaving the traces of markings and scars of what has gone before.

Antonia Robertson

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

Plodge is an Art History graduate and has been creating beautiful things to wear for nearly 20 years, mixing freshwater pearls, glass and semi-precious beads to create a wide variety of styles.  Designs range from fun and funky to sophisticated ensembles, via go-with-everything classics. Customers frequently return and say how much they love their purchases!

07717 627704

Agnes Pollock

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Agnes is a Dutch artist, living in Freshford. She paints contemporary still-life and abstracts in oil: “Drawn to the play of light on a reflective surface, painting is for me about observation and capturing light. This way of observing, this pure focus, is very meditative and calming. I hope to convey a sense of stillness and serenity in my work.”


Sue Porter

Exhibiting at Natural Theatre Company

Contemporary art created from ink drawing panoramas of local architecture and landmarks, including new work of The Kennet and Avon Canal.

Alison Potter

Exhibiting at Rosemount Farm

I make earthenware vases, ships and figures. Some of the vases are both practical and figurative inspired by characters I know or see. Many are commissioned by friends and family for specific people.
07411014188 or 01225287648

Sue Pryor

Exhibiting at 30 Alexandra Road

Sue enjoys painting still life and landscapes in acrylic focusing on colour, shape and texture.


Emma Rose

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

NEW ARTIST: Emma is an award winning contemporary artist based near Bath specialising in semi-abstract and impressionistic painting with an emphasis on colour and texture. Using Indian Inks and acrylics she produces vibrant and arresting work, whose style is distinctive and original. Landscape, sky, sea, nature and memory are the inspirational core – often reflecting her interest in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi. This is the process and beauty of ageing which creates irregularity and imperfection.

Carol Symon

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

My artwork embraces an eclectic range of styles and mediums. Colour is particularly important and humour tends to creep in especially when observing elements of our daily lives. I very much enjoy doing commissions which can be houses, events, people, places and animals.

07715 055143

There will be a supervised table for young children to be creative for a small charge.

Caspar Taylor

Exhibiting at 1 Hatfield Buildings  BA2 6AF

The recent work is inspired by many seemingly contradictory ideas
Natural and Engineered
Mathematical and Random
Artistic and Scientific

Madeleine Town

Exhibiting at 20a Horseshoe Walk

Paintings, original prints and charcoal drawings of birds and other animals within a largely imagined rural landscape.Framed and unframed work will be available alongside handmade, original cards.

Sarah Turrell

Exhibiting at Ring’O’Bells

I am a maker of all things useful in durable but finely thrown stoneware pottery, although many like to keep my one off pieces on display.
Commissions welcome.



Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

We are a group of 4 who enjoy the art of enameling together in our workshop in Widcombe. We lovingly create a wide range of unique pieces: all types of jewellery, bowls and tiles, exhibiting our diverse styles and techniques.
The magical process of firing enamels gives vibrant colours that don’t fade and being weatherproof are ideal for garden signs and hangings.

Stella Wain-Heapy

Exhibiting at 48 Tyning End

Original kiln formed glass art from dishes and vases to coasters and jewellery.  Coloured glass using metallic inclusions and dichroic glass fired at different temperatures to create unique effects and dimensions.

01225 332828

Rachel Ward

Exhibiting at 20a Horseshoe Walk

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media, inspired by the landscape, people and pets around me. I’m happy to consider commissions and can be contacted via my website:

Pippa Wrigley

Exhibiting at 30 Alexandra Road

Pippa Wrigley paints in watercolour and mixed media. She has visited places lived in and frequented by Jane Austen and drawn and painted them as they are now. Many places are as they were in Jane Austen’s time but some have changed significantly. As well as these watercolours Pippa also has other paintings, prints and cards.

Vikki Yeates

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Vikki Yeates is inspired by the British countryside and paints hares surrounded by teasels, ivy and wild grasses. She has a fascination with the change of season and the effects the rotation of the sun and the moon have on animals and the environment. Whether a fox, an owl or a badger, these creatures peer out of ivy-tangled landscapes or moon-bathed imaginings.