Artists 2018

Action on Hearing Loss*Action on Hearing Loss

Educational Day Service supports adults who are deaf with additional needs in activities including art, ceramics, woodwork, craft and more. We produce a range of items that are on sale onsite; many of which use recycled materials from donations. We are the only Day Service of its kind in the country for the charity.

This year we will also be showing a wide selection of work by our talented staff and volunteers including a live jazz and swing singer with swing dance demonstrations on Saturday and spinning wheel demonstrations all day on Sunday – please book in advance for workshops.

Sunday: spinning wheel demonstration and embroidery machine demonstrations.

Saturday 2.30 – 3.30pm: Holly Marks – Singer
Sings beautiful Jazz standards through to more modern soul and pop.
Holly will be singing Jazz and swing at the Action on Hearing Loss Workshop with a Lindy Hop dance demonstration to compliment.

Bridget Baker

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

I studied Zoology at University but only started making wire animals after retirement, The figures are made from galvanized wire which are then painted with enamel paints. Each is based on photographs and drawings of a particular animal and takes several hours to make. Subjects have included fish, frogs, reptiles, and a wide range of birds and mammals. Commissions for dogs continue to prove the most popular. The enjoyment of their creation comes from making them as realistic as possible and from capturing their features with the minimum of lines.

*Catherine Beale

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Award-winning watercolour portraits, celebrating family and favourite places. Part-imagined landscapes of glorious Bath in cascading pigments. Catherine shares her original “gravity painting” technique in workshops and articles. She is an Associate of the Society of Women Artists and has shown in private art collections worldwide.

07891 409490

*KT Black

Exhibiting at the Widcombe Baptist Church

After achieving a Distinction in the Advanced Diploma in Glass, and winning the student category in a prestigious international glass competition I set up a small garden studio. I now spend as much time there as life allows, designing and creating kiln-formed art glass, including fused glass paintings, functional and decorative homeware (dishes, coasters) and dichroic jewellery (pendants, earrings, cufflinks), using the best methods and materials.

WAT Image 2016*Amanda Brown

Exhibiting at Flamingo, 7 Widcombe Parade

Amanda Brown is a long-time exhibitor on the trail and in 2015 opened her shop Flamingo in Widcombe Parade. Having over 26 years experience of the greeting card industry Amanda offers a variety of her contemporary designs across a large card range and also art and gifts featuring her well-known cat image and local-themed designs.

bbrew250*Button and Brew

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Handmade personal textiles products and kits
Sunday: spinning wheel and embroidery machine demonstrations.

*Jo Butts

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Mixed media jewellery and textiles


*Janet Coles

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

I have been painting with liquid acrylics for many years on both paper and canvas. I like to achieve fluidity and vibrancy in the paintings, and often use collage too. The subject matter is drawn from my native Cornwall where I still spend a lot of time, and recently also from the iconic buildings surrounding us in Bath. I love to paint fruit, flowers, boats and birds. I have a selection of my work printed onto cards, bone china mugs, cushions (which I make), tea towels, bags, place mats and coasters. You can see the full range on my website

Beata Cosgrove

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

I specialise in portrait and event photography. As well as displaying a range of recent photographic work, I will be offering competitively priced portraiture sessions throughout the two days to all visitors, which will be sent via email link within two days.

*Caroline Crossland

Exhibiting at Bewdley House

Caroline trained as a children’s book illustrator and is most at home working in pen & ink and watercolour, but more recently she has rediscovered a love of linocut printing. Her subject matter is inspired by details from local architecture seen around Bath, particularly front doors! She also draws on traditional typography in other designs. Linocut prints have the advantage of being affordable, enabling visitors to the Art Trail to take home an inexpensive piece of original art.    

Moonstruck dark blue necklace

Marie Curtis

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Inspired by individuality, worldwide travels and a love of colour, Marie Curtis designs & handcrafts distinctive precious metal jewellery that blends resin, commissioned artwork or silver, gold and copper leaf. Each piece of jewellery is created to be worn as a piece of art – the pieces are distinctive, contemporary and handmade in Bath.


Instagram: designvaults
Facebook: designvaults

RuthDavies1.jpg*Ruth Davies

Exhibiting at 30 Alexandra Road

With friends Pippa and Maggie I am exhibiting colourful pictures painted with acrylics and using collage.


kevans250*Kenneth Evans

Exhibiting at the Widcombe Baptist Church

Changed from oils to acrylics a number of years ago, paints very quickly (has to!) struggles to be consistent with watercolours, but enjoys it when self satisfied! Has been a cartoonist in past, still enjoys that. Helps to run a local art group for retirees.

fevason250*Frank Evason

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Refurbishment of cane and rush seats

Edward Fairbairn

Exhibiting at The White Hart
Art School trained. Art teacher for 26 yrs. Self employed artist. Most of my artwork derives from things seen. My intention is to capture their immediacy and freshness in quick studies or to bring out more permanent pictorial qualities. With both methods and everything in between. I pray for an outcome other than a slavish copy.

*Richard Ford

Exhibiting at the Widcombe Baptist Church
Urban and rural landscape photography

*Brian Gibson

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Art and music have been the two primary creative forces for Brian Gibson that have enabled him to produce a body of visual work that is rooted in his wide ranging and eclectic taste. From the formation of a fanzine in his teens, photographing bands of the punk era, to studies in Art Therapy, Fine Art and Visual Culture and going through many transitions, Brian has evolved into the multi-layered artist that he is today.


Victoria Hamilton

Exhibiting at The White Hart
When not working to commission, my paintings are personal reflections of times past and present. I am currently interested in the sense of place and the human form within it.

lhwhite1250Liz Holden White

Exhibiting at 48 Tyning End

I love bright colours and interesting shapes and textures and playing with mixed media! Flowers, landscapes and abstracts are my most frequent subjects for joyful paintings and cards. Coasters are a new venture.

01225 425873

mhorrocks1250*Mike Horrocks

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s
Photographs of places and events in Widcombe and beyond



summer hat floralAdrienne Horswill

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

As a sculptor/milliner I make artistic hats and headpieces. Beau Beau Hats & Embellishments conjure tweeds, velvet,satin, felt and feathers into delights of colour and texture from mainly upcycled materials. Many of these will fold into your pocket, all are affordable and they all demonstrate my great love of textiles and collage.

01225 315626/ mobile 07538925036

Facebook: Beau Beau Hats & Embellishments

Instagram: adrienne_horswill

lhughes300*Liz Hughes

Exhibiting at St Mùs Coffee House

Landscape views and gardens and views of Widcombe offering a wide appeal to both local residents and visitors. I am aiming to capture scenes and moments from daily life in this part of Bath for you to all to enjoy.

*Lorelei Hunt

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

My mosaics are inspired by classical and modern mosaic forms, and by found objects.  I use a variety of materials including glass and unglazed ceramic tiles; and broken china. I’m mostly self-taught, but have undertaken several short courses with leading mosaicists and have travelled to see mosaics in many locations in UK and overseas.

Mary Liddell

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Contemporary oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes and still lives using a lot of flowers and every day objects, my primary concern is light and colour.


Facebook: Mary Liddellart

Instagram: Maryliddellart

*Imogen Mascall

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Colourful handmade tapestries 

*Holly Marks

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Artist and mural painter showing originals, prints and examples of murals.


mmartin250*Maggie Martin

Exhibiting at 30 Alexandra Road

Maggie’s output reflects her ongoing art explorations and includes watercolour, inks, acrylics and felt pens. Subjects range from landscape to still life both in realistic and abstract styles.


ReedsKerrie McNeil

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Kerrie’s screen prints are hand painted and each one is unique. She will also be exhibiting new work using drypoint and monoprint techniques. Inspiration is taken from the local landscape and coast. There will be a range of handmade cards and ear rings.

Annabel Menheneott

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Dramatic seascapes captured in acrylics, reflecting the shifting coastal environment, with crashing waves represented in bold, strong and purposeful brush strokes and more delicate marks for foaming sea spray. Palette knives and large brushes allow Annabel the freedom to create exciting painterly marks. Annabel has exhibited nationally and more recently at the Royal Academy as part of the Summer Exhibition preview events where she will return this July.



Alex Nash

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Alex has been attending the Printmaking Workshop at Trowbridge College for 8 years. Over that time she has concentrated on exploring colour and composition using the silkscreen process. Her work has covered the landscapes of Cornwall, North Wales, California, Egypt, Ithaca and the architecture of Portmeirion Umbria and Whitstable. Some of her work is purely abstract using bold flat colour as seen in her prints of Indian scarves.


Linda O’Gorman

Exhibiting at Widcombe Baptist Church

I trained as an illustrator and my work is drawing based and observational. I like to experiment with various media and subject matter, including portraiture.

01225 837914

Jessica Palmer

Exhibiting at 7 St Mark’s Road

Want a Tiger-shaped Gateway to a forest of imagination, a Paper Palace in a world-famous landmark, an illustration for a bestselling book or a stunning papercut? Jessica Palmer is the go-to artist. Her fifth book is just published by New York based Rizzoli. She’s illustrator for English Heritage, a Visiting Artist at the V&A, the Holburne and many more.

*Karen Parker

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

I work predominantly in silver and occasionally gold, enhancing the beauty and individuality of the metal by ‘forging’, ’embossing’ and ‘reticulation’. These processes change the surface texture of the metal which I then incorporate into the finished design. Organic shapes and forms inspire my work, in particular seeds and pods, both marine and botanical.


*Usha Pearce

Exhibiting at 28 The Tyning

I am an abstract, mixed media artist who enjoys the solitude of the studio, experimenting with materials and the materiality of paint. The process is paramount in my work, I tend to build, obliterate, erase, paint over and scratch into the surface leaving traces of the markings and scores of what has gone before. My work is a response to the social and physical environment.

Marilyn Phillips*Marilyn Phillips

Exhibiting at 28 The Tyning

Figurative paintings, in watercolours, acrylics and mixed media, largely inspired by the natural beauty of the world around me.


Plodge is an Art History graduate and has been creating beautiful things to wear for over a dozen years, mixing freshwater pearls, glass and semi-precious beads to create a wide variety of styles. Designs range from fun and funky to sophisticated ensembles, via go-with-everything classics. Customers frequently say how much they love their particular pieces!

07717 627704

Agnes Pollock

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Agnes paints contemporary, quiet and serene still lifes in oil. Her favorite objects are single ceramic or silver bowls and vessels. Her focus is always on the quality of light and subtle reflections. Each painting is also available as a limited edition print, mounted and framed.

Instagram: agnespollockart

Sue Porter*Sue Porter

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Contemporary art created from ink drawings and photography of local architecture and

*Alison Potter

Exhibiting at Widcombe Baptist Church

I completed a ceramics degree in 2006 and have been working from a studio at home since then. I make figurative vases, often to commission, of and for a particular person. As I take part in an annual exhibition by the sea, I also make ships: friendship, courtship amongst others.

Penny Richards

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s Church

Using richly coloured water-based media often with a pre-textured or collaged surface I paint a diverse range of subjects from real life. These subjects range from zany figures in movement to quiet landscapes including allotments and sheds.

I offer day courses often near Bath or Saltford called Sketching and Painting Walks and Wanderings. Small groups walk in beautiful countryside, stop every so often to enjoy the view and sketch. Minimal material required.

*Janine Roper

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

I design and make blue and white ceramics, mainly vases and small decorative items. I screen print directly onto the damp clay using cobalt oxide ink, and most of my work is finished with a gold edge. My designs are inspired by traditional willow pattern, but also by my local surroundings both inside and outside of the home. The result is a traditional look with a contemporary twist.

*St James’s Railway Viaduct

Surprise Art in the Arch
A pop-up show! Check out the activity and displays at Bath’s newest arts space-in-the-making, in the railway arches at bottom of Wells Road. Part of ‘Art in the Arch’ – a project to create a new arts quarter for the city in the abandoned railway arches along the viaduct. Be one of the first to step inside this exciting new arts space !

*Heidi Sperring

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Ink and digital illustration

Facebook: @heidisperringart – Heidi Sperring Art

Carol Symon

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Artistic adventurer who continually explores a myriad of subjects, styles and mediums. My commissions have included people, animals and houses in various locations but I mainly work from my studio on Lyncombe Hill, Widcombe.

07715 055143

Caspar Taylor

Exhibiting at 1 Hatfield Buildings  BA2 6AF

Caspar carves sculptures in wood, stone and metal resins. His latest work combines his experience of traditional materials and techniques and his understanding of space and form with a contemporary spirit.


*Emma Taylor

Exhibiting at St Mùs Coffee House

Landscapes and animal illustrations in a variety of mediums – prints and originals for
sale. Emma will be also exhibiting her limited edition silk scarves depicting various farm
and wild animals.

*The Joyful Squid

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

A collection of unique handmade textile crafts designed and created for the home.
Brightly coloured, crocheted soft furnishings made from a wide selection of yarns in different patterns and hand-stitched, quirky cross stitches and embroideries that are framed and ready to be hung on the wall to add some joy to the home.

*Madeleine Town

Exhibiting at Widcombe Baptist Church

Paintings, original prints, cards and labels of British birds and animals in imagined wild landscape.

*Julia Trickey

Exhibiting at St Matthew’s

Julia is an award winning botanical artist and tutor who loves depicting the beauty and detail of nature in watercolour. She is particularly interested in painting less than perfect subjects, such as fading flowers and autumnal leaves. She has written for national art magazines and has recently developed a range of leaflets, kits and a DVD aimed at beginners who want to try their hand at botanical art. Contact

Sarah Turrell

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

I am a maker of all things useful in finely thrown stoneware. Although many people like to keep my one off pieces on display. Commissions welcome.


?*Evelyn Ung

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Boredom of Daily Practice – Ceramics


Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

Vitrific is a small co-operative of enamelers working together locally in Widcombe, Bath. The enamelled art we produce ranges from wall panels and pictures to jewellery. We also make a variety of small enamelled items such as trinket bowls. Vitreous enamel will last indefinitely and will always keep its lustrous quality. Vitrific offers you something hand crafted, colourful and unique.

Stella Wain-Heapy

Exhibiting at 48 Tyning End

New work for 2018 includes dishes and pictures of seascapes. By varying the heat in the kiln original effects of waves and pebbles can be achieved creating exciting new concepts in glass design.

01225 332828

Kate Ward

Exhibiting at The White Hart

Kate Ward has exhibited at The White Hart for the Widcombe Art Trail for many years. This year she has chosen to exhibit paintings of dogs both domestic and sporting. Her work varies in size, medium and price and reflects the close relationship we all have with ‘man’s best friend’. Kate would also be delighted to work to your commission.

07802 234915

Rachel Ward

Exhibiting at Widcombe Social Club

My work is inspired by walks around Bath and by the coast whenever I can get there. I use mostly oils for painting, and draw in charcoal and pastel – landscapes and portraits, animals and people – exploring the effects of light and colour. I also write novels for young adults and adults.

Facebook: Rachelwardart

Andrea WhitwellAndrea Whitwell

Exhibiting at The White Hart

Andrea’s paintings of chickens, guinea fowl and other birds look great in any kitchen, dining room or, indeed, any room. These are complemented by beautiful and practical ceramics depicting fowl and intriguing patterns. Always a big success on the Widcombe Art Trail.

07786 913006           

*Julie Williams

Exhibiting at Action on Hearing Loss

Mixed-media animal sculptures


pwrigley250*Pippa Wrigley

Exhibiting at 30 Alexandra Road

Pippa Wrigley paints in watercolour and in mixed-media with collage.

Vikki Yeates

Exhibiting at Widcombe Baptist Church

Vikki Yeates is an illustrator living and working in Bath, although she spent many years in Brighton, where she did a Degree in Illustration in the early 90s. Her most popular work seems to be British Wildlife, particularly the Hare. She is interested in folklore, myths and legends and often includes text in her illustrations. Vikki uses oil pastel on paper, layered with lino ink, which is then scratched away to create complex artwork with areas of fine detail.